Report from Tetyana and her Collaboration at BROAD

bussholdeplass broad
DataStream at DNAtrium, Broad Institute (Photo: Len Rubenstein)

During this year, I’ve spent two fortnights at BROAD Institute of MIT and Harvard ( to work on the genetics of ADHD. The first fortnight was in February of 2015, when I was working on the rare variant associations (exome chip content) in adult ADHD. This project is a collaborative effort within IMpACT consortium ( ) led by our group at Jebsen center. The work has since been finished and we are in the process of publishing the manuscript.


The second fortnight was spent at BROAD in November 2015. This time I was working on the identification of copy number variations (CNVs) related to ADHD. Similarly to the previous project, this is a collaborative effort within Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC, ) that our group is leading. This is the largest CNV study in ADHD, involving over 5.000 cases and 10.000 controls. Future plans of this project involve further work at BROAD in 2016.

Tetyana Zayats